We’re running GREEN on June 16 !

In 2024, running the Foulée des parcs means running to accelerate the projects of the Outremont eco-neighbourhood, a program supported by Outremont en Famille, but also to reinforce our eco-citizen awareness and take part in an eco-responsible event!
15 per participant will be donated to the eco-quartier!

There will be no single-use water bottles

The first decision was to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. L’arrondissement will provide reusable glasses and there will be drinking water stations at the start and finish sites. We invite you to bring your own reusable water bottles, which you can refill on site.

Snacks for runners

We are moving towards the elimination of over-packaging and plastic containers. Most of the snacks distributed on the site come without individual packaging.

We recycle and compost on site

We have reduced the amount of packaging as much as possible, but the little that remains can be sorted on site in recycling bins. The same goes for organic waste: banana peels, apple cores and other food residues go into compost bins.

Walking or cycling

We encourage participants to walk or cycle as much as possible! Public transport is also a solution. Together, let’s help reduce our GHG emissions.

You encourage us!

By participating in La Foulée des Parcs, with your volunteer help, your bib, and your sharing on social networks, you encourage us to continue these responsible practices. Thank you !