F.A.Q of la foulée

The information provided evolves over time to better respond to your needs. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us by e-mail at fouleedesparcs@gmail.com.

How can I register for the race?

Online from February 1, 2024

Is it possible to register on the day of the event?

Yes. You will be able to register on the day of the event but be aware that you may not be able to register. Races may be sold out.

Is it possible to cancel my registration?

It is not possible to cancel your registration and get a refund.

Can I change my registration?

Once you are registered and paid online, you will not be able to modify it. However, if you wish to register for another race than the one you registered for, please contact our team (fouleedesparcs@gmail.com) indicating the names and references of your registration so that we can proceed. to changes.

Can I register for more than one race?

You can participate in more than one race. Follow the instructions on the registration site directly.

Are there discounts on registration prices?
Registration of 4 or more people at the same address = 15% discount (applies automatically on the registration site)
Registration for groups of more than 10 people = 25% discount (please contact us at fouleedesparcs@gmail.com)
What are the routes?

The distances are 10km, 5km, 2km and 1km. Details of the routes are on the registration page.

    How to circulate in the neighborhood during the event ?

    A parking notice will be issued by the borough of Outremont a few days before the event.
    The course area is closed to traffic from 7am to 12pm on race day.

    How to get to the event?

    It will not be possible to drive to Parc Outremont (which is where the races start and finish, in addition to being the meeting place for the event). Also, we encourage you to favor cycling and public transport. The Outremont metro station is located a 5-minute walk from Outremont Park. The area is accessible by bus and the lines 129, 535, 80, 46 and 51.

    What time should we plan to arrive?

    We advise you to arrive at least 30 min before the start of your race.

    Where will it be possible to park your car?

    Ideally, come on foot, by bike or by public transport! Several streets will be closed for the event. However, the following parking lots will be accessible: Rue Edward-Charles (north of Laurier), Avenue de l’Épée (south of Van Horne), Avenue Querbes (south of Van Horne), Avenue Bloomfield (north of Van Horne ). The rest of the parking areas are affected by the street closures. You can also park along the streets (take care to read the parking signs).

    Where are the toilets located?

    You will find restrooms in two locations in Outremont Park.

    Will there be a place to change?

    No, there is no changing room.

    Will there be a water supply on the course?

    Water will be offered to participants at the snack kiosk, located at Parc Outremont. There will also be water distribution for the 5 km and 10 km.

    Will a snack be offered?

    Yes. Each runner or walker will be entitled to a snack at the snack kiosk in Outremont Park.

    Is there a place for personal effects?

    You can leave your personal belongings (maximum of one bag per participant) in a place provided for this purpose in Outremont Park, next to the registration tent. Do not leave any valuables behind, as the safety of goods left behind cannot be guaranteed. La Foulée des Parcs and Outremont en famille disclaim all liability in the event of loss, theft or breakage.

    Is entertainment provided for children?

    Entertainment will be provided for children. In addition, young people can enjoy the playground at Parc Outremont.

    Is there a babysitting service?

    No babysitting service is offered. Children are therefore under the responsibility of the accompanying adult for the duration of the event.

    What time should we plan to arrive?

    30 min before your race

    Is the race recognized?

    The race is sanctioned by the Quebec Athletics Federation.

    Is there a maximum number of participants per race?

    500 runners are accepted for the regular 5km and 10km races. 500 runners are accepted for the 1 km and 2 km (with AND without strollers). For the Family Challenge, 20 teams of 4 will be accepted.

    Are the kilometers clearly marked on all routes?

    On all routes, markers indicate the number of kilometers covered. You will therefore know exactly how many kilometers you have left to run before the finish.

    What is the Family-Friends Challenge?

    This is a festive 4 x 250 m relay race involving members of the same family or a group of friends. We invite you to dress up.

    3 winning teams:

    • The best time
    • The biggest age difference
    • Costume originality


    Who can participate in this race?

    The race is for runners ages 5 and up. However, it is possible to register a younger child if the latter has already run a distance of 500 m without accompaniment.

    Can I run the Friends-Family-Challenge with a stroller?

    It is not allowed to participate in the Family-Friends Challenge with a stroller, for safety reasons.

    What should I consider before registering my child for the Family-Friends Challenge?

    The most important criterion is that the child has already run a distance of 500 m alone (without the accompaniment of an adult).

    Can I accompany my child during the race?

    It is not allowed to accompany a child, for reasons of safety and space.

    At what age is an adult considered for this race?

    From 18 years old

    Does every member have to wear a chip?

    Family challenge participants pass the baton. Each participant has a chip attached to their number. Only the last team rider crosses the finish line. A team time will be recorded, but there will be no individual time.

    How is the safety of children ensured during their run?

    A large number of volunteers will be on and around the course to ensure the safety of the runners.

    In the event of a large family, can 2 children run a relay together?

    There cannot be more than 4 riders in total in each team.

    If my child is too tired to continue, how will he find me?

    Volunteers will accompany him to the starting point of the race.

    If someone on my team can't show up on race day, can I replace them with someone else?

    Yes, it is a race for everyone to enjoy.

    If one person from my team can't show up on race day, can the other three people still run?

    No, ideally, a fourth person will have to be found.

    MARCHE DES AÎNÉES « osez agir » (seniors walk)
    Is there a maximum number of participants for the “osez agir” seniors' walk?

    250 walkers will be accepted for the “osez agir” seniors’ walk.

    How do I register for the “dare to act” seniors’ walk?

    To accommodate people who wish to register specifically for this race and who do not have internet access, it is possible to pay by credit card, check or cash. Proof of registration will be given to them.

    To proceed, go to Centre Communautaire intergénérationnel, 999 Avenue McEachran, Outremont QC H2V 3E6. The offices are open from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    for any question (514) 996 6799