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Outremont en famille

  • Run for cause: All profits from La Foulée des Parcs will go to the non-profit organization Outremont en famille, an organization accredited by Outremont. Outremont en famille has been working in the child-family field mainly with families in Outremont since the fall of 2009. The organization stems from the desire of a group of parents to improve the services offered to families in the borough and to promote community support. Partners of la Foulée des Parcs d’Outremont-en-Famille are the heart that brings Outremont to life as a family and its achievements.


Break the isolation of families by offering gathering opportunities, socialization activities, workshops and conferences.

Contribute to the well-being of families by promoting the parental role and the parent-child bond through a comprehensive, preventive and respectful approach.

Defend and promote the well-being of families in the Outremont borough. Improve and develop the service offerings offered with community, institutional and political players in the borough.