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La foulée des parcs, organized for the past 12 years by Outremont en famille and its volunteer committee, could not take place without its sponsors. Some have been with us since the beginning. In their own way, they tell you: move, surpass yourself, spend your energy healthily and be alive in movement! Without them, this human adventure would not be possible!

La foulée des parcs it’s:

  • Surpassing yourself with the family
  • A sport accessible to all
  • A multi-generational, unifying event
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle habits in Outremont

In 2024 Running the Foulée des Parcs means running for :

  1. Accelerating eco-neighborhood projects: improving our waste management, greening the city and protecting its biodiversity, developing urban agriculture, promoting responsible consumption and the circular economy, strengthening citizen involvement, encouraging active and sustainable transport…
  2. Strengthen our eco-citizen awareness: Support and promote organizations active in this field, offer a location on our start/finish site for these organizations, consolidate links between citizens, sponsors and these organizations.

Become partners in unforgettable moments,
associate your brand with 2024!

Several sponsorship levels are available.


For further information, please contact Claire-Isabelle Mauffette (cimauffette@hotmail.com) orJérémy Ferland (jeremy.ferland@yahoo.ca)